The Independent Medical Exam

What is an Independent Medical Exam?

Insurance companies often require that you attend an independent medical exam to determine your eligibility for disability benefits. This can be a physical examination by a physician, or a mental examination by a psychologist, or both. The ostensible purpose of an independent medical exam is to find a “non-biased” doctor who can evaluate the injuries and symptoms you may have sustained from an accident or illness. The doctor will help to determine the extent and severity of your injuries often by writing a medical report. IMEs are intended to “clarify” any complex medical restrictions or limitations you may have.

Sometimes your insurance company may refer to a peer review (also called a record review). IMEs and record reviews should not be confused. Most of the time an IME consists of an examination of the insured. Record reviews involve the analysis of your medical records alone. However, they do share a common characteristic; the opinions offered are rarely independent.

Find out more about the IME by watching the youtube video below:

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If you have questions about preparing for an IME, or want to know more about an IME doctor, we may be able to help.

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